Learning to drive

No one is born a good driver. Everybody makes errors and mistakes when they start (even Tesla's self-driving car was not reliable at first). But through constant practice and repetition, anyone can be a decent driver.

And just like driving, making art and being good at it takes constant practice and repetition.

And just like driving, any form of art, failures and mistakes are part of making it, part of the progress.

But there are people who don’t want to start or delay launching their work, their art, because they want it first to be perfect.

She doesn’t want to start her blog or her portfolio because she wants to be good at it first. And that's a good formula for stagnancy.

It's like saying you’ll start to practice driving when you are as good as an F1 driver. That’s very silly!

We need to change our mindset and not view starting and launching as a tool to show other people that we are good and we do our art perfectly. We need to view it as our tool on our quest to perfecting our arts. Just start and launch. Let’s fail forward to our own definition of a perfect artwork.

#creativity #productivity