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More than necessary, treat other people with kindness. More than necessary, show them love. More than necessary, make them feel that you care. More than necessary, be sincerely generous. Not because you need to, but because you can.


You just launched a new product and made your first sale. How do you feel? Of course you are ecstatic. But why? Beside the profit, what is the reason you are happy about a sold product?

In one of his talks, the Late Zig Ziglar, the greatest sales trainer who ever lived, says that a true salesperson should be proud about making a sale.

Every marketing person should also feel the same. Because if your product is something really worth buying, you will feel a certain fulfillment after someone buys it. You will feel that you are giving the people who will purchase it a favor. That you are doing something good for them because your product will improve their current situation, give them more comfort, security, save them time and money, or make them happy. In some cases, it might even change their lives. And the value you will be giving them is more than they will be paying. They are essentially buying a bargain.

Are you happy for someone who buys your product and proud because it helps them? If not, you need to re-think everything about your business.


Are you trying to copy the strategy of the number one brand in your category? That’s a sure way to fail. Like the saying goes: “You can't out-Amazon Amazon.” The market will just view you as a copycat. What you can do is to be the opposite of what they do. Are they cheap? Then be expensive but have the highest quality. Do they have a lot of options to choose from? Just offer very few and make it a limited edition. Do they do things fast? Be deliberately slow but well made. Do they produce products by a machine? Make yours carefully handmade. Are they boring? Be remarkable.


Often said but rarely done. Even though it is clearly the only way for companies to profit and last, sadly, most of the time the opposite is being done.


No one is born a good driver. Everybody makes errors and mistakes when they start (even Tesla's self-driving car was not reliable at first). But through constant practice and repetition, anyone can be a decent driver.

And just like driving, making art and being good at it takes constant practice and repetition.

And just like driving, any form of art, failures and mistakes are part of making it, part of the progress.

But there are people who don’t want to start or delay launching their work, their art, because they want it first to be perfect.

She doesn’t want to start her blog or her portfolio because she wants to be good at it first. And that's a good formula for stagnancy.

It's like saying you’ll start to practice driving when you are as good as an F1 driver. That’s very silly!

We need to change our mindset and not view starting and launching as a tool to show other people that we are good and we do our art perfectly. We need to view it as our tool on our quest to perfecting our arts. Just start and launch. Let’s fail forward to our own definition of a perfect artwork.

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Often, marketers want fast returns. They are pressured to deliver ROI quickly or else the company will get into trouble. There's too much at stake. So, naturally they want to speed things up and end up spending more money than needed. They want everything in marketing to work in express mode. They want to close on their first interaction with the consumer. Always wanting results in an instant.

But in this age of too much noise and too many selfish messages, we have become really good at ignoring hard sell messages. Unless we trust you, you won’t have a chance at getting our attention. And trust is the key to every successful marketing campaign.

Are you trustworthy? Does the market view you to be worthy of their trust? But the problem is, trust takes time. You can't rush it and you can't buy it. What you can do is earn it little by little. That’s the longer but surer route. Patiently build a good reputation.

So, the solution to this problem is that you have to start earlier. Start building your reputation today so the market will listen to anything that you offer in a year or two from now.

Give value to the market first before asking anything from them. Gain their trust, forge credibility, and cultivate relationship before you need it.


On your creative journey, along the way one thing is certain, which even the greats of greats have experienced. That you are going to create naysayers. And what they say won't matter. Just go.

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Be bold. Be brave. Be kind. Be humble. Trust. Care. Hope. Love. Others might consider these as weaknesses, but if you do these things, in a heartbeat you will know that these are the keys to a rewarding business life.

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You can't spam your way to success. That’s never going to work. You’d better stop it now before you ruin your brand or your company.


Facebook is limiting the power of brands on its platform by limiting the reach of their Pages (which is just a way of compelling them to use Facebook Ads). Page owners should, therefore, adapt and go back to this mindset: Be remarkable and make real people talk about you.