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Today, have a meaningful conversation with your customers. Talk to them. This is far better than anonymous surveys. Be sincerely interested about them. What are they going through? How can you help solve their problems? Or, how could you adjust how you do things to help them? Without any ulterior motive, without expecting anything in return, try to do something that will delight them. They are the reason why your children can go to a private school. Make them feel that you appreciate that. Sincerely caring is a powerful marketing strategy. Give it a try.


Trying to convince people that they have a problem and you have the solution they need.


Trying to find people who are already searching for the solution that you are offering.


If your happiness is based on the number of likes, views, and shares you receive, then you badly need to rewire your thinking.


To be extraordinary, you need to say no to a lot of things. No to certain features. No to certain customers. No to a particular pricing plan. And focus on what is really important and essential. Because in this age of unlimited options, standing out is being remarkably good in just one or a few features, for a specific group of customers and price point.


If you’ve finished a serving of Samyang instant noodles, the odds are that you are going to tell someone about it. You might even shoot a vlog of yourself eating it. This is an example of a remarkable product. The company who made it built their marketing inside the product. They did not create another average and boring noodles for everybody. Instead, they ignored all the people who don’t like hot and spicy food and made an extreme one. Only a few people will love it? For sure. But these people told their friends about it and we saw the viral phenomenon it created. It resulted with a market traction that saves a lot of marketing money for the company. Because they no longer need to pay TV or print ads to let the consumers know about their product. Now, why would you still create a boring product?


A book is a container of an idea. An idea that might improve your business, productivity, relationship or your health. Sometimes, it is the author's decades of experience and wisdom he or she wants to impart to you. And P500 to acquire these is surely a bargain. Now, go find yourself a good book and enjoy a heartening experience.


A baking pin A paint brush A hammer A guitar Like all these, social media is just an instrument or a tool. It is only as good as the person using it.


“The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows” – Rock V

The thrill of launching a new business venture is an amazing feeling. You imagine making a hit and having a successful financial life. You imagine being on the same status with the people you look up to. But as soon as you start to plan, you will realize that it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The tremendous amount of hard work needed will then sink in. A series of herculean tasks one after another. Handling problems with management, production, acquisition, hiring, marketing, and after sales will be your daily job. But it will be worth it if you are willing to face the pain and suffering. If you are willing to stick with your gut and get things done. It will be fulfilling to those who will endure because like with any endeavor, those who persist will, in the end, succeed.

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Some people think that the number of likes (or shares or views) is the goal. No it's not. It is just a by-product of a good idea that you published.


Don’t plan on creating a product thinking it will be for everyone. You will just end up creating an average and mediocre product. Doing this also won't get you any market traction. Otherwise, you must decide who it is for. Who are the people who will love it? It doesn't matter if it’s just a small group of people. Know everything you can about them and focus all your planning effort to them and ignore everyone else. This small group of people will embrace your product, give you traction and help you promote it.