Proud to make a sale

You just launched a new product and made your first sale. How do you feel? Of course you are ecstatic. But why? Beside the profit, what is the reason you are happy about a sold product?

In one of his talks, the Late Zig Ziglar, the greatest sales trainer who ever lived, says that a true salesperson should be proud about making a sale.

Every marketing person should also feel the same. Because if your product is something really worth buying, you will feel a certain fulfillment after someone buys it. You will feel that you are giving the people who will purchase it a favor. That you are doing something good for them because your product will improve their current situation, give them more comfort, security, save them time and money, or make them happy. In some cases, it might even change their lives. And the value you will be giving them is more than they will be paying. They are essentially buying a bargain.

Are you happy for someone who buys your product and proud because it helps them? If not, you need to re-think everything about your business.