Trust and ROI

Often, marketers want fast returns. They are pressured to deliver ROI quickly or else the company will get into trouble. There's too much at stake. So, naturally they want to speed things up and end up spending more money than needed. They want everything in marketing to work in express mode. They want to close on their first interaction with the consumer. Always wanting results in an instant.

But in this age of too much noise and too many selfish messages, we have become really good at ignoring hard sell messages. Unless we trust you, you won’t have a chance at getting our attention. And trust is the key to every successful marketing campaign.

Are you trustworthy? Does the market view you to be worthy of their trust? But the problem is, trust takes time. You can't rush it and you can't buy it. What you can do is earn it little by little. That’s the longer but surer route. Patiently build a good reputation.

So, the solution to this problem is that you have to start earlier. Start building your reputation today so the market will listen to anything that you offer in a year or two from now.

Give value to the market first before asking anything from them. Gain their trust, forge credibility, and cultivate relationship before you need it.